Centers of Excellence

There are 5 Centers of Excellence, each of which has made great strides in the name of medical and scientific advancement.

1.  Center of Excellence in Viral Hepatitis

Professor Yong Phoovorawan, M.D., Department of Pediatrics

Tel:     0 2256 4000 Ext. 4909

2.  Center of Excellence in Molecular Genetics of Cancer and Human Diseases

Professor Aphiwat Muthirangkool, M.D., Department of Anatomy

Tel:     0 2256 4281 Ext. 1713

3.  Center of Excellence for Medical Genetics

Professor Vorasak Chotlersak, Department of Pediatrics

Tel:     0 2256 4996

4.  Center of Excellence of Microcirculation

Associate Sutthirak Pathumrat, Department of Physiology

5.  Immunology and Immune-mediated Disease Center

Professor Nattaya Hirankarn, M.D., Ph.D.

Tel:     0 2256 4000 Ext. 3674