English Editing


Good research manuscripts, with the help of the MDCU Research Affairs English Editing Service, become great, polished works that are ready for submission to the world’s leading medical and scientific journals. Our expert manuscript editors are available year-round upon request.

Only available for staff, professors, researchers of Chualalongkorn University and Thai Red Cross and the students who have professors of Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongkorn University as Advisors, Co-authors.  Service fees apply.

English Editing Services

1.  By Research Clinic, Chulalongkorn University

Using CU username and password via http://portal.research.chula.ac.th

For more information, please contact Khun Kwanpat Nakham, Tel:  0 2215 0238

2.  English Editing & Medical Writing Service by Research Affairs, Faculty of Medicine

Our English Editors:

  1.  Dr. Sranya Phaisawang  (view short bio)
  2.  Ms. Pirapon Ohata  (view short bio)
  3.  Mano Laohavanich, MD., Ph.D.  (view short bio)
  4.  Patcharin Prateepratana, MD. (view short bio)
  5.  Dr. Alain Jacquet  (view short bio)
  6.  Michael Ullman, Ph.D.  (view short bio)
  7.  Rhian Deborah Morgan  (view short bio)
  8.  Voranaddha Vacharathit, M.D.  (view short bio)
  9. Paul Hatton  (view short bio)
  10.  Robin James Storer, Ph.D.  (view short bio)

For English Editing Services, please visit http://rsapp.md.chula.ac.th

Contact: Khun Suwimol

Office of Research Affairs, 3rd Floor, Ananthamahidol Building
Tel:           0 2256 4455 / 0 2256 4466 ext. 16
Email:     researchaffairs@chula.ac.th, suwimol.m@chula.ac.th

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3.  By Outsources contracted to Chulalongkorn University – Edanz Expert English Editing


4.  Other service providers


Chulalongkorn University will be supporting such expenses for no more than 10,000 Baht per one research as per Research Clinic’s terms and conditions (2014).