Research Units

Research knows no bounds. The following is a list of our active Research Units.

1.  Peripheral Nerve Research Unit

Associate Professor Wilai Chinthanet, M.D., Department of Anatomy

2.  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Metabolic Diseases Research Unit (BMD-RU)

Professor Piyarat Thosukhowong, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry

3.  Epidemiology in Psychiatry and Mental Health Research Unit

Professor Nanthika Thawichachart, M.D., Department of Psychiatry

4.  Lupus Research Unit

Associate Professor Yingyot Awahingsanon, M.D., Department of Medicine

5.  Lymphatic Filariasis Research Unit

Professor Surang Nuchprayoon, M.D., Department of Parasitology

6.  Gastrointestinal Motility Research Unit

Associate Professor Suthep Kolchanwit, M.D., Department of Medicine

7.  Stem Cell and Cell Therapy Research Unit

Professor Thanin Inthornkamthornchai, M.D., Department of Medicine

8.  Neurorehabilitation Research Unit

Professor Ar-reerat Suputthithada, M.D., Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

9.  Research Unit for Epidemiologic Study on Health of Adult Population

Assistant Professor Viroj Jienjaratrangsi, M.D., Department of Preventive and Social Medicine

10.  Molecular Biology of Malaria and Opportunistic Parasites Research Unit

Professor Somchai Chongwutwate, M.D., Department of Parasitology

11.  Kidney Ureter Bladder & Metabolic Disorders Research Unit

Associate Professor Thalearngsak Karnchanabutr, M.D., Department of Medicine

12.  Research Unit of Movement Disorders

Associate Professor Rungrot Pitthayasiri, Department of Medicine

13.  Neurosciences of Pain and Headache Research Unit

Professor Anan Srikiatkhachorn, M.D., Department of Physiology